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Icare Academy of Nursing Arts were established for the purpose of providing education and training related to healthcare on entry level basis for the community it serves. Our goal is provide quality education to diverse population from all walks of life. 

   Icare Academy of Nursing Arts

Where the Art of Caring Begins

Our Mission:
Icare ANA was established to provide quality education to a diverse population interested in pursuing a career in the field of healthcare. We continue to enhance our role in vocational and technical education by developing and improving a variety of training programs and courses that are highly in demand. The administration, staff, and faculty work together to provide its community with theoretical and practical skills required in today's complex healthcare job market. 
Our Core Values: 
Integrity: We value sound moral and ethical principle by doing the right thing no matter who is watching. We do what we say, and we say what we do.
Caring/Compassion: We believed in mutual respect by appreciating other's perspective or circumstances different from our own and to show concern regarding one's situation to meet one's needs. 
Advocate: We believed in advocating for anyone who cannot speak for themselves. Advocacy preserves human dignity, patient equality, and freedom from suffering as stated in the "Code of Ethics for Nurses" by ANA.
Respect: We believed in treating other's with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. We believed in listening to what others have to say by encouraging one to express their view point, shares ideas, and opinions.
Excellence: Providing service with excellence to others by continually pursuing to understand and recognize the needs of our team members, the students, and the community we serve.

Our Philosophy:
Icare ANA concluded that, learning is a lifelong process and each earnest graduate from any of our program attains a high level of professionalism and leadership. Our program of studies are designed to be easily revised and adjusted to changes in demand in the job market. These allows our students to receive vocational/technical training in an environment that incorporates both theoretical education and hands-on learning approach to provide conceptual and practical experiences. 

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