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This ECG/EKG Interpretation is a classroom base-instructor led course. This course is designed to enhanced your knowledge and skills to recognize and interpret ECG rhythm and to provide proper interventions related to the rhythm interpretation. 
ECG/BASIC Arrhythmia Course: $180
This ECG/BASIC Arrhythmia is a six (6) hours course led by experienced RN with the degree in nursing education. This course will provide you with knowledge and skills on how to interpret complicated rhythms in simple steps. 
Who Can Take this course?
Healthcare professionals such as MDs, nurses, and others whose employers requires them to take this course.
What will you learn?
* Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart
* Basic Electrophysiology and Conduction of the Heart
* ECG Measurement
* Rhythm Interpretation (Blocks, fibs, tachy, etc.
* Basic ACLS drugs and its usage
* Drug doses and route of administration during a code
A Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the course.
In 2017, BRN no longer allows RN to receive CE for ECG/BASIC Arrhythmia course. For info, please visit BRN website @
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